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Community Portal – IqaluitOnline.Com

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December 28th, 2007
by support

In this article I am going to talk about the first website I created with Joomla! – Iqaluitonline.Com. As mentioned in my first blog post, I created IqaluitOnline to provide an alternate, more efficient location for residents to get local information rather than the bulletin boards at the various stores. I also wanted the website to let my family and friends back home discover a bit about the Arctic community I was living in: Iqaluit, Nunavut. My plan was to include current news, business listings, events and classified ads and my research of Joomla! found that there were components available for all of this and more.

This article will not include complete reviews of the add ons, but I want to identify which components I used for IqaluitOnline. I started with Joomla! core for news, Alpha Content and Joomla! core for Business listings, Noah’s Classifieds, and EventList. I didn’t particularly like the way Noah’s classifieds looked, even though the functionality was all there, so I soon switched to Marketplace. The developers of EventList stated that new development on their component would be limited for Joomla! 1.0.xx series and I have no plans to upgrade IqaluitOnline to Joomla! 1.5. Since EventList did not, and likely never would allow members to update their own events, I switched to JCal Client. With the current version, my members still can not modify their own event listings, but they should be able to in a future release.

One of my favourite Joomla! Components is what I am now using for my business listings, SOBI2 from Sigsiu. This is an extremely powerful component that could be used more many functions and is frequently updated. I wont spend too much time here as I intent to write a complete review of SOBI2 in a future article. However, I will recommend that if you need to create a directory of anything, and you are using Joomla!, you have to check out SOBI2.

I am also using CopperMine for my media gallery and the Joomla! Component CoppermineVIS to integrate into my site. I also wanted to add some games so am using DCSFlashgames for an arcade I and PCChess which is a turn-based game that allows people to play a game of chess in a few hours or a few weeks. I also use DocMan to provide Inuktitut software downloads to my users.

With the addition of Community Builder, which allows uses to create and build their profile (include linking it to their MySpace page), and Fireboard as a discussion forum, Joomla! and it’s components provide everything you need to create a portal site for your community.

IqaluitOnline.Com consists of:

Core: Joomla! 1.0.13
Template: JA Villadi from Joomlart

3rd Party Addons

  • Community Builder 1.1 (Open Source)
  • CoppermineVIS 1.41 (Commercial)
  • DCSFlashgames 1.1 (Commercial version so High Scores can be saved)
  • DocMan 1.2 RC2 (Open Source)
  • Fireboard 1.0.3 (Open Source)
  • JCal Client 0.9.2 RC4 (Opensource)
  • Jobline (Open Source)
  • Marketplace 1.4.2 (Opensource but requires paid membership for support)
  • OpenSEF 2.0.0-RC5_SP2 (Open Source, but project is now dead)
  • Sigsiu Online Business Index (SOBI) 2.8.2


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